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A Health and Wellness brand dedicated to helping 1 million people.

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Welcome to Lexin Lifestyle

Lexin Lifestyle

Established 2019, Orange County California

Our founders, Austin Schadt and Alex Fisher have been invested in the fitness industry for over five years. At first, it was a simple friend-on-friend motivation and holding each other accountable in small areas of each other's lives. It wasn't until Alex was given the opportunity to work in a corporate gym that their story took a turn. From there, Austin was presented with the same opportunity and they realized that this is something that they both truly love to do. They were pulled into a new direction and took the necessary steps to become professionals in the fitness industry. During the start of their career, they were both balancing two jobs and looking for the right path to take. They both knew from the jump that they would set out one day together and start their own fitness lifestyle business. So after a lot of discussions, they went full time into the fitness world, both leaving behind all they knew so far.

Growing up together in the same area just outside of Philadelphia, they both were exposed to the same lifestyle, which in return gave them both the drive and motivation to start their own beginning and fulfill their dreams in California. It was a pipe dream for a while, up and down and never certain. They had ambition though, a lot of it and they shared the same mindset to make it a reality.

Today they reside in Orange County, CA where they have a new mindset to help 1 million people live a better lifestyle through fitness, nutrition, and fulfillment. They are here to help anyone with lifestyle goals, whether that be dropping 30 pounds, being happy with what you are eating, or most importantly bringing happiness to your life, they want to be a part of it all. No matter where you are in the world if you are looking to make a CHANGE in your lifestyle then send them a direct message.

YOU start here!


You're not alone on this journey. The Lexin team works around the clock to make sure you stay on track.

Austin Schadt

Coach Austin

Founder / Director / CEO NASM-CPT, TRX Specialist, and CPR/AED American Red Cross Certified

Since a young age I have been playing sports and always found joy in being active with my family and friends. After trying out many different sports growing up I fell in love with lacrosse. It came very natural to me and I continued my career at the college level. During college it wasn’t my priority to be the number one athlete, instead I went down the road of constantly partying and not focusing on my studies. It wasn’t until after college that I truly found my calling in the health and wellness industry.

Since I can remember I have always wanted to help people but never knew how. After gaining almost 50 pounds throughout college, I realized it was time to make a change in my lifestyle. Throughout the first couple months of me trying to get back in shape, it hit me that there was a lot I didn’t know about fitness and a lot that I was doing wrong. Fast forward a couple weeks and I made it a goal of mine to become a certified trainer.

I have been in the health and wellness industry for three years now and I have worked with clients all across the country with a variety of different goals and ages. Whether you struggle with workouts, nutrition or even mobility it is my job to take a systematic approach to help you reach your goals. When it comes to training it is most important that your main focus is injury prevention. With science based and tested programs my goal is to help you reach your goals physically, emotionally and mentally.

Alex Fisher

Coach Alex

Founder / Director / CEO NASM-CPT, TRX Specialist, and CPR/AED American Red Cross Certified

I grew up in a big family outside of Philadelphia. Lacrosse was our family sport, we all played. It was my identity for a long time until it wasn't. I was given several opportunities to play at a very highly competitive college level but instead I got lost like most 18yr olds do and went the other way. I had to experience a little more life early on to recognize the value of certain things thrown my way. Those lessons have helped shape who I am today and my perspective on life.

Fitness entered my life again when I least expected it to. It came at the perfect time. One thing I noticed early on and continue to notice today is that when I began to train my body my mind followed. My actions changed and so did my thinking. Fitness is so much more than appearance, it is also a state of mind and lifestyle. Along with other changed habits, I have been able to transform many aspects of my life- fitness being the foundation and backbone to positive results. I believe in my training because it worked for me. I’ve had clients of all ages, gender, fitness levels, etc who I have been able to help due to the sole reason of relating to them in one way or another.

Making connections, building relationships, and understanding others are priceless values that I strive to hold onto each day. Systematic approaches to training, finding what people love, and having fun with it is what I do each day.

What makes us different from everyone else?

We are different because we are US. We are not only dedicated to training our clients, but also to helping our clients make lifestyle changes.

  • 1)We have a clear understanding

    Fitness isn’t everything and life tends to show up, so it is our goal to help you overcome distractions and stay focused physically and mentally. Accountability has been a big factor for us in our lives and that is why we provide direct communication to our clients.

    2)We make sure you enjoy the journey

    We will provide you sustainable results. We believe that the small changes in someone's routine can bring the best results. We have made these small changes ourselves to make big things happen in our life. These changes don’t always come easy, but we have noticed that when we had nothing to offer and were given assistance we were put in a position to help others. That's our goal.

    3)We provide 100% communication around the clock

    Yes, there are tons of online programs and trainers out there, but with Lexin Lifestyle we are 100% committed to the PERSONAL part of personal training!


We offer a variety of unique services to accomadate your health and wellness goals.

Online Training

+ Personalized Program - we take the following into consideration (personal goals, injuries, current fitness levels, past fitness experience).

+ Exercise Video Demonstration - YouTube Page

+ Nutritional Guidance - Grocery List, Calorie Goals, Macronutrients Goals, Personal preference, Recipe Ideas.

+ Direct communication with our trainers, daily sweat checks.

+ Daily Lifestyle Motivation - sleep recommendations, breathing techniques, barrier breakers.

+ Private Facebook Group

Group Training

+ Outdoor Training Environment

+ Team Atmosphere - classes up to 20 people

+ Replenish & Hydration Stand

+ Scheduled Team Bonding Events

1-on-1 Personal Training

+ We come to you - the convenience of no travel.

+ Full Movement Assessment - This allows us to find your imbalances and strengths which allows us to program accordingly.

+ Personalized Program - we take the following into consideration (personal goals, injuries, current fitness levels, past fitness experience)

+ Nutritional Guidance - Grocery List, Calorie Goals, Macronutrients Goals, Personal preference, Recipe Ideas

+ Accountability - weekly progress and description calls.

Lifestyle Guidance

+ Routine - incorporating consistency into your life

+ Fulfillment - finding new healthy ways to fill your time

+ Calls - check in’s

+ Recovery Time - positive ways to give your body a rest.


If the plan you seek is not below, contact us. We will work with you to find the perfect plan.

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Send us your before & after and you could be featured here on our website!

Lexin Lifestyle

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Lexin Lifestyle

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Lexin Lifestyle

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Lexin Lifestyle

Before & After

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Austin: +1(443)-616-6475

Alex: +1(610)-417-6565

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